File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
scythestat/algorithm.h [code]Generic algorithms for Scythe objects
scythestat/datablock.h [code]Definitions of internal Matrix data management classes
scythestat/defs.h [code]Global Scythe definitions
scythestat/distributions.h [code]Definitions for probability density functions (PDFs), cumulative distribution functions (CDFs), and some common functions (gamma, beta, etc)
scythestat/error.h [code]Definitions of Scythe exception classes
scythestat/ide.h [code]Definitions for inversion and decomposition functions that operate on Scythe's Matrix objects
scythestat/la.h [code]Definitions and implementations for functions that perform common linear algebra manipulations on Scythe Matrix objects
scythestat/lapack.h [code]Definitions that provide access to LAPACK/BLAS fortran routines for internal library functions
scythestat/matrix.h [code]Definitions of Matrix and related classes and functions
scythestat/matrix_bidirectional_iterator.h [code]Definitions of STL-compliant bidirectional iterators for the Matrix class
scythestat/matrix_forward_iterator.h [code]Definitions of STL-compliant forward iterators for the Matrix class
scythestat/matrix_random_access_iterator.h [code]Definitions of STL-compliant random access iterators for the Matrix class
scythestat/optimize.h [code]Definitions of functions for doing numerical optimization and related operations
scythestat/rng.h [code]The definition of the random number generator base class
scythestat/smath.h [code]Definitions for functions that perform common mathematical operations on every element of a Matrix
scythestat/stat.h [code]Definitions for functions that perform common statistical operations on Scythe Matrix objects
scythestat/rng/lecuyer.h [code]The L'Ecuyer random number generator
scythestat/rng/mersenne.h [code]The Mersenne Twister random number generator
scythestat/rng/rtmvnorm.h [code]A truncated multivariate normal random number generator
scythestat/rng/wrapped_generator.h [code]Adaptor for non-Scythe quasi-random number generators