Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
scythe::all_elementsA convenient marker for vector submatrix access
scythe::ax_plus_b< T >A Functor encapsulating $ax+b$
scythe::const_matrix_bidirectional_iterator< T_type, ORDER, M_ORDER, M_STYLE >An STL-compliant const bidirectional iterator for Matrix
scythe::const_matrix_forward_iterator< T_type, ORDER, M_ORDER, M_STYLE >An STL-compliant const forward iterator for Matrix
scythe::const_matrix_random_access_iterator< T_type, ORDER, M_ORDER, M_STYLE >An STL-compliant const random access iterator for Matrix
scythe::DataBlock< T_type >Handles Matrix data internals
scythe::DataBlockReference< T_type >Handle to DataBlock objects
scythe::EigenThe result of an eigenvalue/vector decomposition
scythe::exponentiate< T >A Functor encapsulating exponentiation
scythe::lecuyerThe L'Ecuyer random number generator
scythe::ListInitializer< T_elem, T_iter, O, S >A helper class for list-wise initialization
scythe::Matrix< T_type, ORDER, STYLE >An STL-compliant matrix container class
scythe::Matrix_base< ORDER, STYLE >Matrix superclass
scythe::matrix_bidirectional_iterator< T_type, ORDER, M_ORDER, M_STYLE >An STL-compliant bidirectional iterator for Matrix
scythe::matrix_forward_iterator< T_type, ORDER, M_ORDER, M_STYLE >An STL-compliant forward iterator for Matrix
scythe::matrix_random_access_iterator< T_type, ORDER, M_ORDER, M_STYLE >An STL-compliant random access iterator for Matrix
scythe::mersenneThe Mersenne Twister random number generator
scythe::NullDataBlock< T_type >Null data block object
scythe::QRdecompThe result of a QR decomposition
scythe::rng< RNGTYPE >Random number generator
scythe::rtmvnorm< RNGTYPE >Truncated multivariate normal distribution random number generator
scythe::scythe_alloc_errorMemory allocation error
scythe::scythe_bounds_errorElement out of bounds error
scythe::scythe_conformation_errorMatrix conformation error
scythe::scythe_convergence_errorNumerical convergence error
scythe::scythe_dimension_errorMatrix dimension error
scythe::scythe_exceptionThe Scythe exception abstract base class
scythe::scythe_file_errorFile i/o error
scythe::scythe_invalid_argInvalid function argument
scythe::scythe_lapack_internal_errorLAPACK Internal Error
scythe::scythe_null_errorNull Matrix error
scythe::scythe_precision_errorNumerical precision error
scythe::scythe_randseed_errorRandom number seed error
scythe::scythe_range_errorNumerical underflow or overflow error
scythe::scythe_style_errorMatrix style error
scythe::scythe_type_errorMatrix type error
scythe::scythe_unexpected_default_errorUnexpected call to default error
scythe::SVDThe result of a singular value decomposition
scythe::wrapped_generator< ENGINE >Adaptor for non-Scythe quasi-random number generators